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It's been really hard to focus on school lately.  I'm not even a senior yet and I feel like I've been inflicted with senioritis.

Actually, I've been hooked to YouTube and Facebook.  I swear, technology is such a distraction.  The administration at my high school doesn't realize that there are still ways to access these ever popular websites despite attempts to block them.  We have some pretty clever geeks at our school, if I may say so.  And really, are teachers that gullible that they don't know we're not using our phones in class to update our Facebook status or lament on how boring angular momentum is?

Truthfully, I don't even have Internet on my phone, which I guess is better that way.  Or else I would become robotic like Anum and respond the second after I recieved an email or message alert.  But, I can't deny I'm jealous about her iPhone.  Dear Lord, my friends are so spoiled and rich.  They don't even pity me sometimes.

I was very close to recieving detention in class today because Laila texted me while I was taking a quiz and being the forgetful person that I am, I had not switched my cell to silent. 

Mariyam was telling me that I need to be strategic about these kinds of things.  I have to punish myself, or distract myself so I don't become engrossed in them.  It's difficult, but I know I have to do something about it.  How can I wake up for Fajr after only falling asleep the hour before?

If I do use technology, which I must in this day and age, it should only be for a limited amount of time.  I am such a hypocrite--I become agonized when I find people at social gatherings glued to their phone instead of actually talking to the people around them.   And now with the iPad.  Apple really needs to stop it with their amazing inventions.

Oh where can I roam in this Earth so that I may be able to live without the forces of technology?  Where I can tell the time by the intensity of the sun rays, where can I breathe the desert air and splash nature's pure water on my skin?  Where can I put my forehead on the floor of the Earth and sing praises to my Lord?

Okay, I don't usually go to the whole poetic route.  But, this is pretty ironic because I am blogging, not using a stick to scratch letters on a rock or in the depths of sand. 

By the way, in the midst of my YouTube obsession, I did find an entertaining movie that really is cute.  Here's the description:

Katie and Ramsha are two strangers, two quite different young women, both attending the same University. Katie catches Ramsha in the most awkward of moments, but soon their relationship is defined more acutely by friendship. In this film, we witness inter

...and then it gets cut off, but basically awkward moments.  Foot in the sink, praying by the stairs anyone?  This is exactly what this is about.  Check it out:!

So, before I fail an exam and my parents freak out about, and because I really do need to shut off the computer before I spend another five hours on the computer, I really must take your leave now.

Sincerely hoping that you too recieve a dose curing technologitis :)
American Muslim Girl

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