In the name of Allah, the Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful

Other Projects

Novel (Coming Soon): I Can't Fall For You Written by Dreamer

I’ve never fallen for a guy, not since I started wearing the hijab.  But how could I ignore my childhood friend?

If Murad had stayed back in Michigan instead of transferring to my high school, life would have been less complicated.

I wouldn’t have to see him every day, his mischievous smile stirring something within.  I wouldn’t have to keep him out of conversations, out of my thoughts.

We both know there is something between us.  Jeanne calls it chemistry.  My mother would call it temptation.  All I know is that it is something I need to avoid.

But Murad doesn’t understand. After all, I’m probably the only girl who has ever ignored him and he’s desperate to change that. 

Short Story on Inkpop: 37 Minutes Written by Dreamer

Ali has always had a bad habit of not being punctual, even when it comes to a very important flight he has to catch. In the 37 minutes that he has before his flight takes off, Ali is determined to make it. From walking across the highway in between cars to proving to the security he’s not the same Ali that is on the no-fly list, he’s bound for a crazy yet mysterious adventure.

The American Muslim Experience 

This is an animation video from the perspective of a Muslim male teenager, or a typical American Muslim. The first half of the video highlights some of the challenges of living in America as a Muslim, but the second half contrasts it with some of the happier moments. I attempted to make it a hopeful and inspirational video for anyone who feels lost or different because of his or her identity.

The video is compiled completely of still images, all hundred or so which I have created using the drawing toolbar in Microsoft PowerPoint, except for several logos I used from the Internet. Because there is no narration or dialogue in the video, it is meant to be reflective and symbolic.

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