In the name of Allah, the Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful

The Story Behind Iman

 As a Muslim growing up in America, I've experienced many beautiful things, but I've also struggled. Why is that some people look at me like I'm some exotic foreigner?  How come I always find articles of "Islamic terrorists"  every time I open a newspaper?  How come a classmate is so surprised when I tell her I don't date?

These are just some of the questions that have gathered in a very large pool.  The most obvious answer is that people are unaware of Islam, of Muslims, and assume they know very well about the religion based on the media and others' misconceived notions.

What can I as an ordinary Muslim do?  I feel it is my duty to do something, anything to make people more aware of the beauty of Islam.  But, I'm no public speaker and it's difficult to start anything as a single person.

So, I started to think of what I can do.  Ever since I was young, I have been a bookworm.  Reading novels provides an outlet to release yourself into another story, in a different world.  And that's when it clicked to me.  I would write, and I would write exactly about Muslims.

I've compiled several short stories and have started on a novel.  But it is no where near being complete yet.  Thus, while I attempt to continue to work on my novel, in addition to completing my college education, I use this blog to share my writing, my aspirations, and what I find beautiful in Islam.

The story of Iman is a simple one.  She is an American Muslim teenager.  She struggles between the influence of the American culture while attempting to stay firm on the path of Islam.  She has a life, she has a personality, and most importantly, she believes in justice and peace.

Although my blog posts may not seem fluid and wholesome like a novel, I am experiencing creative writing in a different way. 

I hope you continue to experience this journey with me.  :)



  1. Assalamu Alaikum, Dreamer! It's nice to meet you! Masha'allah for your great blog! I really LOVE it! Your blog has such a great style and the information you put out on your blog as a Muslim, masha'allah sister! I wish there were more Muslim sisters like you! :)

  2. Wailaukamasalaam Yasmeen!
    It's a pleasure to meet you as well! I'm so happy you enjoy this blog and I feel touched by your compliment :) Actually, there are a number of blogs out there by Muslim sisters that are absolutely amazing, masha'Allah!

    Keep in touch!
    Dreamer :D

  3. Assalamualeikum dear sister :-)
    What a pleasure it is indeed to meet you and to have stumbled upon your lovely blog!! I love your blog too, and your writing is superb, mash'Allah :-) I know exactly what you've been through, except not in America, but rather in Denmark. I still go through those things now in my upper-highschool years, but alhamdulillah it's become easier for me to tackle these things as I've gotten better Muslimah company :-)
    Are you by any chance from Pakistan? :-)


    The Creative Muslimah @

  4. Assalamu 'alaykum Dreamer:

    A wonderful concept for a blog! Found it via Sisters Who Blog and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading through the stories and liking Iman every minute more that I read.

    I think stories are like a window through which we can view people of different faiths and cultures. But I think stories are also a wonderful mirror as well in that it allows the reader to see him/herself in the experiences of the characters. Sometimes stories are like sliding doors allowing us to stpe into and become part of the experiences; a wonderful combination of both window and mirror experiences. As I read through your stories I see that for Muslim and non-Muslim alike, your stories are like a sliding door, we can see ourselves in it, become part of it as well as learning about Muslims,family and American life.

    I also thorougly enjoyed your story on Inkpop. It was a riveting read and had an unexpected revealation at the end. Loved it! :)

    Keep on writing!

    Ummah Reads

  5. Wailaukamsalaam Saara!

    Aw, I'm so happy you're enjoying the story! I also adore your analogy of the sliding door--so true!

    Oh you got a chance to read 37 Minutes? Wonderful! I'm in the processing of trying to find a magazine or such to publish it in so feel free to give me advise!

    As for Muslim vs. Islamic fiction, I think both can be used interchangeably. But, my goodness, there is such a lack of it in the market! Insha'Allah, please pray that I can continue writing and fulfill my long-held desire to publish and show the true colors of Islam :D

    Your blog is a great resource masha'Allah and I hope I can check out those links sometime!


  6. Salaams again!

    Thank you for your kind reply Dreamer!

    I see from your latest entry (Lovestruck) that Iman is seems to be in love (or is it love?) Writing about the boy-girl relationship with Muslims and for Muslims can be a bit tricky.

    With regard to pubishing your story (37 mins), I recently found a list of magazines that accept submissions from young writers which you might be interested in. You'll need to see what each magazine is looking for specifically, but I am sure there is one that will be a good fit for your story. The URL is:

    For information related to Muslim magazines and publishing in general you can check out

    I hope these are helpful to you in some way.

    Take care!

  7. Wailaukasalaam Saara!

    Thanks for the tips! I will insha'Allah refer to that website! As far as "Lovestruck" Iman thinks she is in love, but ah this youthful bliss is only an evil in disguise ;) I feel that not many Muslims are open to discussing the issue of gender relations, especially how some youth are completely disregarding it. But I'll cut it short for now and insha'Allah will be back to write another post.

    Dreamer :D

  8. Salaam Aleikum, Dreamer!

    MashaAllah, you've got a great story running here! I started reading your blog just today and read all the entries back to back! Haha! Waiting for more, inshaAllah! Keep up the good work!

    ReverieRiver :)

  9. Dear Dreamer
    I recently happened to stumble upon your blog quite by accident,really :)
    It is really good , Masha Allah
    Please continue writing i would really like to know what happens between Iman and Tariq

  10. so dreamer, just read through iman's story.. i wouild love to know what happens. think you could update faster, puhlease!!


  12. omg! i found your blog while searching the net and now im hooked! do u have a specific day when u post or is just whenever? loving the story! keep it up!!!!

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  14. Assalamu alaykum Dreamer,

    I am a new time blogger and I just discovered your blog! I am really inspired by it, your writing is so real and are so unique, masha allah! I think it's great to deal with a real issue that is so prominent today and a problem many of the youth face, and will be able to relate to.

    I look forward to reading some of your wonderful stories soon In sha allah,

    Thank you and May Allah reward you!
    Hope to keep in touch In sha allah,