In the name of Allah, the Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful


Let's Spill a Secret Here

Today is August 3rd, which marks three months since this blog was launched and this is the 10th post thus far.

That is pretty special, so I have decided to share a secret. I have pondered long and hard about whether I should even do so, but then again, what is there to lose?

So, drum roll please.

The truth is...


Okay, I'm sorry. I just really enjoy that last line from the movie. It's such a powerful ending. And oh hey, did you know that Transformers 3 was being filmed in Chicago last week? Go Chicago!

Well, now that I have vented the movie fanatic in me and possibly annoyed you a tad bit, I shall move on to our little secret.

Have you ever wondered why my blog is written with dialogue? Do you think my posts sometimes read like a book or story? Well.

The truth is...I am a fictional character. Yes. I know you were not expecting that. And it really does sound demeaning, but I thought I should share it with you nonetheless.

Let me explain. Wait, I think I should rather have my author explain. She gives herself the pseudonym Dreamer and I have the pleasure of introducing you to her:

Hi there. I am so sorry to intrude like this, but I must say I have been feeling so guilty lately. I feel like a betrayer, a liar, and so much more.

First let me properly introduce myself. I am, of course, an American Muslim, currently a University student, and the real author of this blog.

You see, I love to write, but alas, I do not have many people to read my short pieces of fiction. People, especially here in America at least, are just too busy in their own lives. Time is of the essence and who really picks up a book now to read for the pure pleasure of reading? Well, there are a lot of people that do read actually, myself included. But I have not published anything yet so you won't find my work on Kindle or an iPad, or even your local bookstore or library.

But I have not lost hope. In this modern era, it is fortunate that we have the opportunity to write a blog and to be published worldwide.


Two years earlier, I started a blog with the attempt to give my readers a chance to read Muslim fiction. I tried to write at least every week, but I found the task both very difficult and time consuming. Moreover, I had no followers of my blog, which discouraged me greatly because I was writing for the sake of having people read it.

I discontinued my blog and continued to write on the pages of my small notebook like I did previously. However, I was constantly reminded of blogs and the door of opportunities it opened. I decided I needed a theme to write and stick to. Thus, I came up with Blog of an American Muslim Girl.

It is difficult to write a personal blog. The problem is what if one does not want to share his or her identity, family problems, the drama that exists, the test one failed, the private conversations one holds? Also, my initial motivation to write a blog was for the purpose of writing fiction so I didn't want to be writing about myself.

I decided I would blog from the perspective of a fictional character. Yes, this little family, which includes Iman, Humza, Abu, Ammi, and many other characters, is completely made up. It became so much easier and so much more fun to write this way.

Unfortunately, I am giving the impression that I really am Iman and Humza is my brother and so forth. Alhamdulillah, I am so thrilled to have followers of this blog. After receiving comments which implied this misunderstanding that I was really Iman and I was writing about my family, I truly felt that I needed to disclose this secret.

Fiction is so beautiful and such a powerful tool. You can recreate and stir up exciting things with a pool of memories, experiences, and your very own imagination.

Most of my fiction concerns Muslim characters because their lives are so interesting. This blog is an attempt to both expand and share my writing in addition to exploring my faith and this life.

I hope you continue to ride this journey with me. It is a humble request that you send this blog link to your fellow non-Muslim friends. Many people are oblivious to the lives of Muslims and how Islam influences their daily actions, and that is the main force that drives me to write.

Insha'Allah, God Willing, we shall meet again. Iman is becoming a little impatient so I shall let her continue now.


Ahh thank you. Now the question that I am dying to ask: What do you think? Are you angry, confused, or taken aback? I hope you will not leave me thinking that I am a good-for-nothing fictitious character.


You see, I am a mosaic of a variety of American Muslim girls, and though I may be fictitious, I am real in a sense. Anyone who writes doesn't always use only pure imagination. They are influenced in so many ways.

But, enough of my talking. What do you have to say? I'm craving for some feedback now that my identity is known. Thank you for reading. :)

Kindly awaiting your response,
American Muslim Girl


  1. Salam your work and look forward to reading more...

    May Allah bless you!!!

  2. assalamualaikum to dreamer..
    aha,thats why your previous post got the childish act with adult perspective..
    anyway,fiction is good as far as it was't a lie..

  3. I came across your blog a few days ago and I find it really interesting to read. I've got it under my favourites list by the way. Lol. Will be looking forwad for more interesting posts by you, insyAllah. All the best!

  4. Hi, Assalamualaikum,

    Dont worry, people are reading ur blog. Like me, we just have nothing to comment, but if possible we're visiting to catch the new post,

    Keep up the good job, May Allah gives u the strength..

    Liana, Malaysia

  5. Wailuakamasalaam,

    Thanks for all the kind and encouraging comments! It truly means a lot to me.

    May Allah shower His blessings upon all of us.


  6. Assalamu 'alaykum Dreamer

    Thank you for the opportunity to meet the lovely author behind the AMG blog. And what a unique blog this is! As a writer you have taken words and given us Iman's world. I love the concept/idea! MashaAllah you're doing a fabulous job.

    I notice you call your work Muslim fiction. I also want to let you know it can also be called Islamic fiction. This is a term that some Muslim writers, one in particular Linda Delgado, who has been tirelessly working to get recognised as a subcategory in the bookseller/publisher world. If you're interested read more about Islamic Fiction (IF) at

    I think I should stop rambling now. In case you're wondering, I found your blog via the Sisters Who Blog network. I am an aspiring author who really should be writing but spends time writing book reviews and blogging about books and literacy for Muslim teens and kids over at the Ummah Reads blog. I have a couple of writers resources that I find helpful to Muslim writers. You can check out 'Links' section of my blog.

    Keep on writing!


    Editor, Ummah Reads

  7. Finally, and so finally i can sleep in peace and it's 2:25 pm at night! Now im less confused that before, guess i forgot to read this post n thats why i was so bewildered the whole me a favor and please contact me as soon as you see this comment. I dont think you will ever see or care enuff to check but still, we can hope right? Please?

  8. Wow i love ds blog already....:)